How to Discover Your Personal Design Aesthetic

Homes are our sanctuaries where we can rest, grow, laugh, love and create memories. The interiors, and often the exteriors, reflect our personalities, interests, and creativity where we can allow uniqueness to shine, yet be at peace.

Look for inspiration in the things you love to do, love to read, love to share with your family and friends. Take that inspiration and marry it with functionality to create a space that you can call your own. Your home needs to serve your spirit as well as your lifestyle.

Step 1. Get Inspired

Sometimes people are not sure what they find pleasing, so collecting inspirational images and ideas will help make a clearer picture of what you desire your home to offer you. What design themes speak to you or evoke emotion. It is important to have a design that you love and can live with for many many years to come.

Pinterest, Houzz, Google images all will stimulate your desire for updating your home. Now is the time to clip or pin images that you love, no matter why you love them. You may clip 10 images and like one thing about each image. With a custom design, you can put all of your "loves" into your home. So get pinning and clipping!

Step 2. Look for Patterns

Do you have a million images pinned on Pinterest? Go through them and find common design themes that you have pinned over and over again? Is this YOUR new style? Do you love the design themes to have for many years to come, or is it a passing fancy? Go through your pins together and find a common thread between all of your photos. Is it a color, or a certain type of rug or type of furniture? We will discover your personal design.

What is a NO in your book? It is as important to know what you don't like as well as what you love. Remember this space will serve you for years to come.

Step 3. Make it Your Own

Take what inspires you, along with your personal design details, to create a space that is not only functional but you can feel is totally YOU! Some of your favorite items can be incorporated into your space to show off your personality or history.

Although it is important to have continuity throughout your home, each area may offer a different feeling or function and will be expressed through a different aesthetic. Your kitchen will have a different function and feeling than your master bedroom.

So, start clipping and pinning so we can discover what your true passions and design style will be. Let’s do this! You will love your new space!

Ready to start planning your one-of-a-kind dream space? Let's chat!



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